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We Provide Machinery, Test Equipment & Spare Parts to Australian & New Zealand Manufacturers with a Specific Focus on Wire & Cable Manufacturers

We represent major equipment suppliers from Europe,  UK,  USA and Canada

We Specialise in Supporting the Wire & Cable Industry

High Quality Wear & Spare Parts. Composite Flyer Bows, Nickel, Elmedur, Copper Contact Bands, Contact Tubes, Annealer Tubes, Ceramic Drawing Tools, Ceramic Parts, Carbon Brushes Holders, Seals, etc

Vision Systems to check Cable & Print Quality, Simple Accurate Wire Length Counters, Cable & Wire Embossing & Marking

High Voltage Spark Testers, Pinhole Detectors, Cable Fault Locators & Spark Tester Calibration

Traversing Units, Airwipes, Chalk Applicators, Payoff Systems, Winders, Coilers, Take-ups

Electric Powder Presses, Hydraulic Powder Presses, Mechanical Powder Presses, Sizing Presses, Isostatic Presses, Pressure Casting Systems, Vacuum Extrusion Presses, Spray Drying Plants, Die Sets, Automation & Control Systems

Contact Printers, Print Wheels, Bandmarkers, Printing Inks, Ink Jet Printers and Inks

Extrusion Expertise, Extruders, Screws & Barrels, Design Recommendations, Cleaning & Microfinish Devices, One Stop State of the Art Solutions for Each Customer

Altec is a global supplier of:

Stranding, Taping, Extrusion & Spooling Machines and Lines for the Cable Industry

Our goal as is to provide customer service that is not just the best but legendary.

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